If you are considering a first time install, we highly recommend getting FreePyBX setup securely and professionally the first time. Once it is setup, your developers should have no problem extending FreePyBX as a PBX telephony framework capable of excellent service for your retail customers right out of the box. Call Noel 1-877-733-3315 option 1 to get scheduled.

Professional Unix-like installation includes:
  • Fully branded and customized to your ITSP
  • Latest Python 2 updated and installed with the proper working module requirements
  • PostgreSQL installation with proper credential and optimizations
  • NGINX installation and configuration for secure reverse proxy and basic authentication for FreeSWITCH xml_curl dialplan, configuration, and directory with your SSL or self-generated
  • FreeSWITCH installation and configuration for FreePyBX complete with all of the features available from FreePyBX including single profile, single IP, single port, multi-tenant configuration
  • Installations done by a seasoned professional, and creator of FreePyBX
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee

There are plenty of capable Unix-like distros available, so be sure to settle on the one you are most comfortable with. For this install we will use Linux flavor CentOS 6.0. Mainly because I like it ;p The DB backend is PostgreSQL, because there are two types of developers. Those that use PostgreSQL and those that have been considering trying it. If you want to get into a disscussion about MySQL vs. PostgreSQL, please read my posts at as it will be laid out for you there. If you don't need the overhead, then I suggest Couch or Mongo. MySQL will be a vortex by this time next year with the moves Oracle is making in proprietary licensing. And since we need more than erlang for FreePyBX and FreeSWITCH, PostgreSQL is the right choice.

On to the documentation.