FreeSWITCH GUI, FreePyBX is an MPL 2.0 opensource licensed feature-rich GUI implementation for FreeSWITCH. User-friendly intuitive interface allows your customers to enjoy all of the features and stability of software that can cost hundreds of dollars per seat per month for free. It was written in Python and sponsored by VoiceWARE Communications, Inc. FreePyBX has an easy to follow code base that is simple to extend and maintain. See the project documentation for easy install instructions to get you started. The call control was written in Lua and provides excellent stability for database interaction and call flow features.

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Perfect for the ITSP considering entering the lucrative VoIP market.


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Support packs are always available. Need help setting up FreePyBX? no problem. Installation, support, and ongoing support is available at many levels. Fully branded installs start at $499.99 and include 5 incidents. Custom development at any level is also available. Need a new server install? no problem. VoiceWARE delivers on time and at a mere fraction of the cost. New functionality and builds are rolling out daily as our customers demand new innovative features previously unavailable. From automated speech recognition systems to fully automated CRM and call center tools, our systems deliver. You can compete in today's marketplace as a true competitor providing quality telephony services for the SMB to SME market segments. Don't hesitate to call us for a free consultation.

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Actively Developed

Cool new features and functionality developed, maintained, and committed daily.

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Robust Call Center

Inbound and outbound call center functionality that rivals features only "the big boys" have.

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Easy to Extend

Simple to understand code that is extendable by hobbyists and experts alike.

"FreePyBX simplifies the user experience tremendously. We are using it for all of our telecom needs. I lowered my overhead by cutting the extra call center employees I didn't even know I didn't need. The reporting and tools are an invaluable asset to our company. Thank you."


FreePyBX is a single profile, multi-tenant, PBX configurator built with the ITSP in mind. Completely segment your PBX customers while enjoying the security of an offsite managed appliance. FreePyBX has all of the functionality of a carrier-grade class 5 switch with an intuitive interface.


FreePyBX is built with FreeSWITCH at the core. Other opensource projects that use switches that aren't ready for primetime fall short of the promise of voice over IP (VoIP) delivery for the mainstream. Try FreeSWITCH with FreePyBX and find out what your competition may already know.

Real-time Call Routing

Real-time switchboard to route and/or re-route calls to destinations within the PBX in real-time. Beautiful flash interface enables call controls at your finger tips.

Take calls away from extensions or agents and re-route them with a couple of mouse clicks.

Here is just a sample of some of the current features completed, actively developed and actively maintained.

      • Multi-Tenant
        Multiple customers running simultaneously on a single switch. Completely segmented and secured. Dial by extension, Busy Lamp Field (BLF) indicator, Sidecar support and more.

      • Single Profile -- Perfect for hosted VoIP providers and ITSPs
        Run all customers from a single IP address running on a single port. Customers are cleanly and securely segmented on the same configuration profile by domain and/or context. Logical PBX interaction can be achieved easily for small companies with multiple locations to enterprise customers requiring location partitioning.

      • Ticketing System
        Multi-level ticketing system. Company level and provider level ticketing system.

      • Unlimited Auto Attendant - Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
        Unlimited IVR capability provides recursive call trees for any level of complexity. Arrange Text to Speech (TTS) engines to easily configure a call-in knowledge base. Departmentalized IVR trees; get your customers delivered to the right person through multiple IVR trees in a single PBX.

      • Unified Messaging
        Get your voicemail delivered to your email inbox or handheld device in real-time.

      • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
        Add outbound call campaigns. Create campaign groups. Click-to-call, screen-pops, notes, campaign docs, reporting features and more.

      • Text to Speach (TTS)
        Don't have a recording ready? Use the built-in TTS engine to announce your company, products, knowledge base, and much more.

      • Click-toCall
        Can't find that number? No propblem. Full CDR detail with click to call is always available. Filter by area code and doubleclick that number to dial right from the web.

      • Find Me / Follow Me
        Never miss that important phone call. Find Me / Follow Me provides simultaneous ring or sequential ring functionality to always be available from anywhere you are without exposing your personal numbers.

      • Web Fax
        Send and receive faxes directly from the web. Your faxes will always be available from the web anytime you need them. Upload images files in many supported formats like tiff, gif, jpg, png and pdf. Converted on the fly and sent in real-time. Never again tell your customers they need to keep a copper line for faxing.

      • Call Center
        Full featured Call Center support is turned-on and off with a click of a mouse. Create as many queues as you need to support your business. Support hundreds of customers with thousands of agents in many call strategies. Top-down bubble-up tier-based and skill routing all with a few clicks. Have poor reporting now? Know in real-time what is happening to your customers as they are in your queue. Know who is passing calls, record calls by queue and/or by agent. See who took the call to call disposition with a few mouse clicks. Sample functionality includes:
        • Announce position and hold time
        • Perodic announcement
        • Many ring strategies
        • Arbitrary time-based algorithms for queues hold times and agents.
      • Hunt Groups
        Simultaneous or sequential hunt groups are fully supported. Hunt group failover to virtual extensions like a cell phones are also fully supported.

      • Call Transfer
        Call Transfers to local and external destinations are supported.

      • Conference Bridge
        Create as many conference bridges as you need in your organization. Pass pin protected or not.

      • Time of Day Routing
        Full time-based routing is available. Chain as many as your organization or customers require.

      • Caller ID Routing
        When your customers demand special attention, they will always route to the right person.

      • Blacklists
        Never take annoying calls from pesky sales people or unwanted solicitations again.

      • Set Caller ID by Extension
        Allow your customers to set their caller ID at granul levels in real-time.

      • Beautiful Flash Interface / real-time buddy list
        See who is online, who is registered, even right click to call their extension or cell phone.

      • Real-time notfication and call screen-pops
        See when your agents disposition changes in real-time. Have your customers information available as they are calling in. Enjoy huge savings in employee productivity and customer satisfaction/retention.

      • Much more...